Dan D
Momentos Inesquecíveis EP
Geno 04 (vinyl/digital)

Vinyl: Early May, 2012
Beatport: Mid May, 2012
Elsewhere: Early June, 2012

Dan D's second record came into being during Dan's 2011 summer in Berlin. "Momentos Inesquecíveis" is Portuguese for “unforgettable moments.” This phrase really hits the head on the nail for a summer of intense and inspiring moments. These moments of sunshine and music were then naturally translated into magical studio sessions. All percussion is played live including cow bells, shaker, wood stick, and analog drum machine programming.

Since Dan's first Geno release it has been a busy year. Dan has been making regular dj appearances in Belgium. Dan has been become a resident of the Audiorama parts at The Wood, Brussels and additional appearances at the Matinee parties in Antwerp. A natural friendship grew from a mutual love of music with the Matinee boyz. A collaboration between Dan D and Ward van den Bogerd aka Veebo (of the Matinee parties). Dan is also continuing his residency in Nuernberg and making several appearances across Europe, especially Berlin.

A1) Mind Elevation

B1) Momentos Inesquecíveis