Barrio Weedwagon
The Equinox EP
Geno 03 (vinyl/digital)

Vinly: Mid November, 2011
Beatport: Late November, 2011
Elsewhere: Early December, 2011

The singular threads of the musical fabric that is Barrio Weedwagon are too numerous and long to trace the beginnings of here. However, the story does indeed have a start. The spark first took flame on a dance floor deep in São Paulo. And was made solid through a shared out of body experience best described in these words:

"Emerging from a black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, the beings who would later claim the name Barrio Weedwagon slumber within their ship in a state of suspended animation. A steady stream of organized radio frequencies slowly stirs them from their stasis. The ship reacting to the change in consciousness of it's passengers traces the origins of the transmissions and sets course for Earth.

As if caught in a tractor beam, they were compelled to the surface to search out the origin of these emanations. The voyagers took on the physical form of the locals to further their inquiry. Spending time among the humans, they observed the movement of these foreign bodies in response to sound waves. And it was in the ecstatic groups of humans, through the nights and days, the sweat, the sex and magic of the dance floor that our protagonists came to realize that this was their new home.

Through their nocturnal forays amongst the undulating masses it becomes clear that they are Barrio Weedwagon and they have come carrying the message: Yes indeed, you can feel the bass in space."

A1) Equinox

B1) Solstice